Hemmings Find of the Day – circa 1951 dragster

One of the changes we made around here recently was to include the 10 most-viewed Hemmings.com classifieds on the side of the page layout, and it’s been interesting to watch what appears there because the selection and ranking of those classifieds are based solely on click count; thus they reflect, in a way, what our […]

Scottsdale: A two-car wrap-up!

By now, most of you should have seen complete coverage from all five Scottsdale auctions within three of our titles that devote pages to such. However, after looking back through my notes before filing them away for posterity, I ran across two cars that I never had the pleasure of presenting to you, the faithful […]

Great story, great cause

I co-authored this book, my first. That takes care of the full disclosure. The bigger news is that “Miller’s Time,” introduced last weekend, is a truly great, compelling story. That fact is solely due to its subject and my writing partner, Don Miller, whose life story would qualify as a work of fiction if anyone […]