Swedish Americana

Our friend and former Hemmings Classic Car Auto Art profilee John Eyre, a native of Stockholm, Sweden, has demonstrated his love of vintage American automobiles through his evocative, often melancholy watercolor paintings of vehicles whose best days are behind them.

John’s latest automotive artwork is now on display in his one-man show at the Aniara Gallery of the Sollentuna Library in […]

Hemmings Speedster front brake changeover

While we had the engine out being rebuilt this winter, we also decided to change the original front brake set-up to a more modern self-energizing style.
Thanks to some information from an old American Rodder article we found online at the Flathead V8 website www.flatheadv8.org we decided to go with 1948-’52 F1 pickup front brakes. Most […]

Six Degrees of Automotive Separation – Messerschmitt

We haven’t seen many – if any – microcar companies in the Hemmings Six Degrees of Automotive Separation Challenge until now, and that’s probably for good reason: microcar builders tended to go it alone, operating out of small factories with little or no help from major automakers (with the exception, of course, of BMW). Plus, […]