The song was the one

It’s hard to believe, but Mark Donohue, potentially the greatest American racing driver ever, has been gone for 35 years now. He died shortly after crashing in practice for the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix, in a Formula 1 car owned by his mentor, Roger Penske. As Penske star Helio Castroneves tries to become a four-time […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Sabra Sussita

I’ll bet Hugo90 has a brochure of one of these in his collection. Most American collector car enthusiasts know only of the Sabra Sport, the Reliant-based convertible sports car from the only Israeli auto manufacturer, Autocars Co. And indeed, even the seller of this 1960 Sussita can offer no more description of it than a […]

Water your driveway, please

Most people water their lawn – except perhaps if you live in Tucson, where your landscaped garden is made equally of rock, cactus, shrub and wildflowers. So imagine our car owner’s slight surprise when we asked him to water his driveway.  We won’t give away his name, lest the environmental lobby start picketing in front […]