Swing down, sweet chariot: Collecting a Cadillac

Continuing today’s Cadillac theme with something a little fresher, I had an unexpected call yesterday from Hemmings’ good friend Axel Catton, saying he was on his way to Bennington to pick up his new Cadillac. Axel, a former press officer for BMW (where he helped launch the Z1), Audi and Peugeot in Europe, has (as […]

Catskill Cadillac Caper

We got a letter the other day from Art Van Aken, the longtime car and truck historian who lives in Gilboa, New York. Art is well known for his books on truck history, most recently covering the Sterling of Milwaukee. This time, he sent along a family photo to share with the Hemmings Nation. It […]

TV Tommy Ivo: From child star to drag racing showman

What a life. TV Tommy Ivo went from youth actor in the early television age (Margie, starring Cynthia Pepper, although Tommy’s even earlier cinema co-stars included Boris Karloff and Jerry Lewis) to an unstoppably wild drag-strip entertainer, an actor almost cyborg-melded with a race car. It was, therefore, perhaps inevitable that TV Tommy was going […]