Kenz and Leslie, 1950, Bonneville

These three photos recently showed up in our inbox courtesy Charles Beesley, he of the excellent As Charles noted, they depict the famous Kenz and Leslie 777 twin-engine streamliner at Bonneville in 1950, the year that driver Willie Young pushed the streamliner past 200 MPH. Charles wrote: Bill Kenz founded a Ford V8 specialty […]

The action of the 1911 Indy 500

We all know by now that this weekend’s running of the Indianapolis 500 marks the centennial of the event (but the 95th running overall, due to hiatuses during both world wars), but do we know much about that first event, besides the fact that Ray Harroun won in a Marmon Wasp? How about the fact […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1955 Divco Model 334

Divco experts, feel free to chime in here, but we don’t see any mention of the company ever using Chevrolet six-cylinder engines. Continentals and Herculeseseses and, in the 1960s, Nash overhead-valve sixes, but no bowties. Yet the Chevrolet six-cylinder in this 1955 Divco Model 334 for sale on looks right at home in these […]