Auburns roll in Auburn

Look at that line. Stretches almost out of sight down the street in Auburn, Indiana, where the annual parade of classics stream out of Eckhart Park and through town. Why run the photo? Just because. This parade goes on and on. Enjoy it.  I sure did.

The Safety Conundrum

You probably saw the news items: Traffic deaths fall to a 59-year low! Only 33,808 people killed in 2009, compared to 33,186 in 1950*! A mere 1.13 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled! And only 2,217,000 injuries! The numbers, while staggeringly huge, are attributed in part to increased seatbelt use, and anti drunk driving campaigns. […]

New Hampshire Bike Swap Meet on Tap

The weather is turning cold and bike season is ending soon here in the Northeast (unless you break out the heated gear). All those projects on the bike you meant to get to last winter, but never did, can once again be moved to the front burner after a quick visit to the Keene Motorcycle […]