Hemmings Find of the Day – 1950 Chevrolet

I couldn’t find any numbers to back my claim, but I know for sure that a canopy express isn’t something you’re likely to come across every day. It looks like this 1950 Chevrolet canopy express was left to rot in a field somewhere for a few decades, and its uniqueness is likely what kept it […]

Automotive Alphabet – Y

While it was fairly easy to excavate a standalone X, it’s oddly difficult to quarry a standalone Y. Yet we did, but I won’t yammer on about it; you’ll have to yell out your answer as to what it came from. One you’ve done that, yip up a couple of standalone Ys of your own.

Travelin’ wagon

I rolled past this twice on the way to the Gilmore Museum in Michigan before I had a chance to grab the photo. This is a 1973 International 1110 Travelall, definitely a long way from a daily sight anymore. I don’t know enough about these things to tell you whether the stick-on graphics came from […]