Hemmings Find of the Day – 1911 Midland

As American thoroughbreds go, most people immediately think of Mercer, Stutz or Simplex. Not too many people think of the Midland, from Moline, Illinois, which lived for just five years under the leadership of Charles Pope and the Deere family. The 50-plus-year-old restoration on this 1911 Midland Raceabout seems to have held up well, and […]

Golden Age of Trucking Museum, RIP?

We received word last week (and noticed on their website) that the Golden Age of Trucking Museum in Middlebury, Connecticut, is just a week from closing its doors permanently unless it can secure enough funding between now and then to remain open. As Hemmings Motor News readers will recall, I profiled the museum back in […]

Ford Racing offers Cobra Jet 5.4-liter crate engine

If you’ve been paying attention to NHRA drag racing, you’re probably aware of the resurgence of factory-built racers, currently being produced by both Ford and Dodge. Just like the old days, these are stripped-out body shells that are then built up with only those bits required to go fast, and safely. Performance fans can benefit […]