Automotive Alphabet – K

I gather it won’t take much to guess the automaker that placed the K at the bottom of the above gauge pod – after all, that same automaker placed standalone Ks all over its vehicles – but I’ll still leave it to you to take a shot. For the answer, click through to the story […]

Motorhome Mania – Krager Kustom Koach

I don’t know what cosmic influences caused this, but I’ve had a buildup of oddball motorhome material in my Inbox for the last month or so, which means plenty of RV posts for you this week.
We’ll start with photos Geoff Hacker recently sent us of Frank Cornell’s Krager Kustom Koach, a 26-foot motorhome that originated […]

Houston Diary: Day 5

Rather than showing page after page of cars, Hemmings show coverage focuses on getting a smaller number of in-depth stories, little vignettes into why a given car is important to someone. So at the Keels & Wheels Concours today, I enjoyed spending time with owners, and hearing their stories.

I think my favorite was John Sweney […]