Class of ’86 – Honda Accord

Image courtesy 3geez wiki We noted earlier in the Class of 1986 series that Honda made a significant move that year by introducing the upscale Acura brand in the United States. As if that weren’t enough to keep Honda hopping, the same year the company introduced the third generation of its flagship, the Accord, which […]

10 Commandments for car guys

The Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International chiseled out these 10 car-guy commandments for their May 2011 newsletter, and we subsequently spotted them on the justacarguy blog. Good advice here, though we recommend finding an employer who’s down with letting you read Hemmings on company time. Got any commandments you wanna add? 1. Thou shalt not […]

Sidedrafts for your small block

Chevrolet small-blocks and Weber carburetion tend to go together like Mom and applejack. The combination seems like it’ll be fun at the outset, but then things get complicated and out of control. After sleeping it off, you try to put it all out of your mind, bolt on a Holley and go about your business. […]