Ariel B brings $13,000 at Mid America Rhinebeck Auction

One of the motorcycles that actually met reserve at the June 12 Mid America Auction at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds was Lot No. 27, this meticulously restored 1927 Ariel Model B with sidecar. The 557cc side-valve single-cylinder engine had been rebuilt as part of the rehabilitation. Ariel produced several different models in 1927, designated A-E, with […]

Salisbury Concours to feature the cars of Frank Lloyd Wright

It seems Americans can’t help but become fascinated with the cars their celebrities drove, and yet another manifestation of that fascination will play itself out next month when the Salisbury Concours will display the cars of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Unlike most celebrities, however, Wright was no casual admirer of the automobile. His first car was a […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1948 Crosley

It constantly amazes me how many Crosleys are still around. For instance, in 1948, Crosley built more than 29,000 cars, the most in one year for the company. The same year, Frazer built more than 48,000, Packard built more than 87,000, and both Hudson and Nash topped 110,000. On top of that, Crosleys seemed to […]