Class of ’86 – Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and IROC-Z

Image courtesy Apologies for returning to the bowtie brand so soon after the Cavalier Z24, but we can’t highlight that Chevrolet model in the Class of 1986 without making mention of its big brothers, the Camaro Z28 and Camaro IROC-Z. Though still derided by some in the collector car world, the third-generation Camaros have […]

Who carries a bowl of goldfish on their seat?

As Aaron Severson and Mal Fuller pointed out yesterday, it was Wells, Rich and Greene that gave AMC a cheekier image in the late 1960s, especially with commercials like the one for the 1969 AMX and the one here for the 1969 Javelin. So who can tell us more about the two cars that the […]

Pontiac by… Yenko?

The gloried performance car modifier of the holy muscle era, Yenko, is obviously most associated with the monster Chevrolets it created through big-block transplants. That changed in 1975 when a customer decided he wanted to hammer everything in sight, including a local Pontiac dealer’s son, who drove a Trans Am with the 455 SD powertrain […]