Hemmings Find of the Day – 1979 Datsun

Alright, this is something I’ve never done, and something I’ll probably never do again, but it’s about time for this one. You won’t find this 1979 Datsun camper for sale on Hemmings.com; rather, it’s been sitting on a little-traveled side street in my neighborhood since I moved in four years ago. It actually went with […]

I want this so bad it hurts

Our BLB friends spotted this Unimog “Estate” at some unnamed Icelandic museum recently, and one of the commenters identified it as a very early Mercedes-built ‘Mog, but nobody’s yet told us who the coachbuilder was. I would live in it, and, in fact, if I were to bring it to Vermont, my wife may make […]

It is not…

…it’s a bloody Coronet R/T.
Do you think Dodge knew what Plymouth had in store and sought to burst their bubble in the type of intramural squabbling you’d normally find between five year olds in the back seat of the station wagon?