Motorhome Mania – Caddy-shack

I thought that Packard camper conversion that we ran a couple weeks ago reminded me of something, and during a recent trip through my backlog of emails, I realized what it was. Randy Goodrich sent us these photos in the summer of 2008 when this Cadillac camper was for sale near him up in southern […]

Automotive Alphabet – P

David LaChance punched in on the Automotive Alphabet parade with his submission of a standalone P, one that not only fits our criteria, but also presents a perfect opportunity for pondering what automobile provided this piece (hint: you’ve seen the whole car on the blog in the last couple weeks).
Once you’ve placed the P, pass […]

More photos of Private van Alstyne’s car surface

While we’re pretty sure we positively identified Private Lewis van Alstyne’s car as a one-off G.J.G. racer, we haven’t closed the book on the car yet, and Marianne DeAngelis of the New York Guard sent us a couple additional photos of the car, recently discovered in the Elting Library’s Heidgerd-Haviland collection. Marianne writes:
He (Private van […]