Hemmings Find of the Day – 1974 Chevrolet G10 van

Just the other day, a buddy of ours was lamenting the fact that you never see any of the sport vans from the 1970s – you know, the factory-built vans with wild graphics and Trendsetter side pipes and OWL tires. Then, like magic, this short-wheelbase 1974 Chevrolet G-series van with tri-tone stripes and five-spoke American […]

Hemmings Blog Etiquette 101: Enough with the name-calling

While I recognize yesterday’s story about the crunched Pontiac inflamed the passions of many readers, a few people went a little overboard and turned on other readers with name-calling and rancorous comments, and for that reason, we closed the comments on that story. While we encourage spirited debate in the comments to the stories presented […]