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Hours Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm Open Most Saturdays and by Appointment. 5940 eden Dr./ Fort Worth, TX 76117 817-834-3625

About The Toys

“When I started collecting toys, I was already in love with Mercedes, and other fine European marques. I decided then that I would aspire to own every Mercedes toy made. I was naive. It didn’t take me long to realize that buying new toys…” -Ron Sturgeon

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Dogs In Art, Toys & Antiques

A selection of some of the most iconic dog themed European and American paintings, sculptures, and vintage/antique toys from the Ron Sturgeon collection.

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Past Exhibits

Past exhibits from DFW Elite Toy Museum. Exhibits include Malcom Forbes, Oddities, Antiquities & Rarities, Ship Gallery and more.
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Operay Surgical Lamp

1930’s-1940’s Operay Multibeam Surgical Lamp. Manufactured by Operay Laboratories in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the most extraordinary surgical lamps ever made.

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Words From Ron

on collector toys Manufacturers of auto toys, many of which you will find on this site, are listed below. This is a hobby for me, but having the museum is the best way to share the toys with others. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time keeping the mother ship (my businesses) running so I don't get to spend the time and attention here that I would like.

Since then I have acquired most of the toys I wanted, although I still buy some Mercedes. In the last decade, my interests moved to other types of toys and art. Please use the contact form provided on this site, if you have a toy or collection you are interested in divesting, or to inquire about a toy. My curator, or I try to answer all e-mails. Read More