March Military Campaign – the private and Viola

Most requests we get to identify old cars in old photographs through Lost and Found come from regular readers who happen to come across those photographs in family albums, though we’ve cheerfully helped out historical societies and museums when they get stumped. This request, however, is a little different: It comes to us from Marianne […]

Kaiser’s articulated bus

While many Kaiser aficionados know that Kaiser dabbled in jeeps during World War II, before making a splash in the automotive field, perhaps fewer know that Kaiser at one point attempted to produce articulated inter-city buses.
Built in 1946 at Kaiser’s Permanente Metals Corporation plant near Los Altos, California, the three-axle, 60-foot bus featured true monocoque […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Jeep Dispatcher

What a unique 1964 Jeep. Two-wheel-drive and right-hand-drive like a Dispatcher, but with a half-cab softtop. And painted yellow. And it has an automatic transmission? From the seller’s description:
1964 Jeep, 98% original, untouched Jeep DISPATCHER rhd, orig key, title, tires & dealer tag. Not orig is roof, batt. exhst. 4 lug whls, 2wd […]