Hot rodders of the 478th

While researching the plywood cars of Ray Russell last week, I came across another unique photo from the December 1945 issue of Popular Mechanics, reproduced above, showing a couple men from the 478th Air Service Squadron with their “streamlined Jeep,” the product of spare time, a wrecked Jeep and a couple crashed airplanes. “They made […]

Reader question: Which cars have the best ride?

A faithful Hemmings Classic Car reader named David Pool has written to the Hemmings editorial staff with an unusual question, one in turn we’re posting for the Hemmings Nation’s feedback. Read on:
For so many car owners today, the daily reality of the driving experience is horrible road surfaces, whether that be due to extremes in the local climates […]

Hyphen hype – the punctuation of old car names

I’ll be taking a mental health day today, so we’ll skip this week’s Six Degrees of Automotive Separation Challenge. However, in the meantime, Kit Foster has suggested an alternative brain tickler. In response to a question about the hyphenation of Advance-Design Chevrolet trucks, Kit thought he’d offer up several famous makes or model names, the […]