What does Elizabeth I have to do with drag racing?

The origins of many automotive terms often seem lost in the shrouds of history. For example, nobody yet knows for sure when and where the term “hot rod” came about, and there has always been speculation about the phrase “drag race.” After all, racers are not literally dragging anything when they line up side-by-side on […]

Henry Ford’s hydroelectric dream on the Hudson

In August 1918, Henry Ford bought the entire northern half of Green Island, New York. His friend, Thomas Edison, had introduced Ford to the area; Edison founded GE in nearby Schenectady and reportedly loved to fish and hunt on that half of the island hugging the west bank of the Hudson River, just a dozen […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1972 MGB

So did you know that you can include a video with your classified ad on Hemmings.com? I don’t have to tell you all the ways you can put video to good use, because the seller of this 1972 MGB already did, showing more of the car than a few photos can, including how well the […]