Save these cars – Fate, Texas

Yes, that’s a Rebel Machine. And an Eagle Kammback. And…
Our buddy Eddie Stakes recently wrote us to let us know about a sizeable and fairly desireable AMC collection that has just hit the market and needs to be disposed of within the next two months. Eddie writes:
Longtime AMC collector and fan Edward (Ed) Hooper passed […]

Proven practices

As promised, David Greenlees sent us more photos to go along with last week’s pics documenting the installation of steam and turbine engines in experimental GM cars. This week, the focus of the photos is on the GM Proving Grounds and the devices they used to test cars. For example, the above photo depicts a […]

Hemmings Finds of the Day – the tale of two Scouts

Both of these Scouts – a 1932 Indian and a 1974 International – came through the classified system within minutes of each other, and while they have little to nothing in common, either intrinsically or in their individual histories, they both stood out for some reason. Could just be the red-and-black combination. Could just […]