Models in Messerschmitts

After the streamlined cars, the alt-power GM cars, the photos from the GM Proving Ground and several others that we’ve yet to show, we’re not quite sure what to expect from David Greenlees, save for the fact that it’s all good stuff. Most recently, he sent us these couple of photos of a model posing […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1959 Ford F250

As our own Richard Lentinello often points out, vehicles like this 1959 Ford F250 are desirable because they’re honest. There’s nothing hiding under a cheap respray – no Bondo, no pop-riveted patch panels – and there’s no elevated expectations. You can lean against it in your riveted jeans and not worry about a thousand-dollar bill […]

Hemmings Speedster participates in the Ruff Neck Rally

Shortly after completing the repairs on our Hemmings Speedster, we loaded it into the truck for the three day trip to Ponca City, Oklahoma, to participate in the VRCA’s Ruff Neck Rally. The event was not without its fits and starts; on Thursday, the day before the rally began, an adjuster rod on the shift […]