How Strang met his death

Lewis Strang in a Thomas at the French Grand Prix, 1908
Many men participated in the dawn of organized motor racing in the US, and many lived hard and died young. Lewis P. Strang stands shoulder to shoulder with Louis Disbrow, Barney Oldham, Ralph De Palma, David Bruce-Brown, Louis Chevrolet and other titans of the era, […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1922 Buick

Under the skin it’s a Buick, sure, but this 1922 Buick Battistini speedster comes with a very handsome body, coachbuilt by William Moal (grandfather of Steve Moal), and a very fleshed out and entertaining history on the seller’s website. From the seller’s description:
This 1922 Battistini Buick Sports Convertible features a Buick Inline 6 Cylinder […]

SIA Flashback – L’Universelle, Front Wheel Drive in ‘55

Pretty much all we ever see anymore of L’Universelle, the GM concept truck of 1955, is the same color photograph and the same brief one-paragraph description, usually contained within broader articles about GM show cars. We almost never see any in-depth treatment of L’Universelle, establishing the concepts behind it and the parties involved in its […]