Hemmings Find of the Day – 1959 Rover 90

The Rover P4 was introduced in 1949, and went on to win the endearing nickname of “Auntie” for its reliability, comfort and other admirable qualities. Several different models, named generally for their horsepower rating, were built on the P4 platform. One of the most popular, the Rover 90, came along in 1954, with a larger, […]

Hoosier State cars to highlight CCCA Museum Experience

With the nation’s eyes turned toward Indianapolis this month for the centennial of the Indy 500, it’s also worth pointing out that the state of Indiana at one point rivaled Michigan as the largest state in the nascent automotive industry. Companies like Stutz, Cord, Auburn, Duesenberg, Haynes, Marmon and Studebaker all called the Hoosier State […]

Who asked first?

From the first time it appeared in print about 110 years ago, Packard’s “Ask The Man Who Owns One” slogan was recognized as one of the great selling lines of all time. Reportedly the result of a casual conversation between J.W. Packard and a spectator who asked him, “Is the Packard car a good one?” […]