Hemmings Find of the Day – 1934 Chevrolet Ute

While I’m sure there are plenty of people in the United States who would love to have a Ute, they seem to be even rarer here than other Oz-only vehicles. Understandably so: If you’re going to go through the expense and hassle of shipping an Australian car over here, you’d likely want to expend that […]

My name is Otto, and I like to get blotto…

UPDATE (28.May): While I meant no disrespect to any profession or group of people with this post, I can see how some people – especially those who don’t get the Simpsons reference – might take offense. Perhaps a different Otto Mann quote would have been more appropriate. For the record, I simply wanted to present […]

Streetbeater, in scale form

If you’re a fan of our Saturday Four-Links posts, then you’ve often seen us link to Samuel Addison’s The New Cafe Racer Society/Ride The Machine, a blog focused on “the motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and monowheel in modern culture, art, style and design.” As it turns out, Samuel has another major interest: building realistic scale-model trucks […]