This desert is alive

The worst thing you can say about most automotive concours is that they’re dead stagnant, sometimes too much like seeing dinosaur bones in a museum. The folks who organize the Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance in Palm Springs, California, have other ideas. The 2011 concours has been expanded to a full week, led off by two […]

Who do ya think ya are? Barney Oldfield?

Jack Shea, himself an occasional contributor to the Hemmings Blog, has recently been helping Fred Hill of LaGrande, Oregon, digitize his photo collection and identify the cars pictured in it. One of the more interesting photos they’ve run across was this one of Barney Oldfield (note the cigar) piloting Walter Christie’s front-wheel-drive racer. Fred noted […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

Though Buick V-6 faithful are probably loading red-hot Garrett turbochargers filled with boiling gear oil into catapults aimed at Vermont as they read this, the first thing we thought about while gazing upon this burgundy-on-burgundy 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix was removing the aspirated 110-horsepower V-6 luncheon loafer and shoehorning in a supercharged 556-horsepower GM eRod […]