SIA Flashback – SIA Interview with Donald Healey

Last week’s SIA interview with George Romney, while informative on a couple topics, was really rather dull. The very next interview that SIA published, however, with Donald Healey in SIA #67, February 1982, not only is full of Mr. Healey’s engaging personality, but also ranges over a wider territory, from copying Chrysler engines, to train […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1958 MGA

“Hey, you got your MG in my LaSalle!” “No, you got your LaSalle in my MG!” If you’re ready to spend $36,000 on this custom 1958 MGA, you can grab a friend and repeat the above hi-larious exchange to your heart’s content. From the seller’s description:
one of akind handmade body 113inch wheelbase 3.8 gm inline […]