Classic Recreations introduces Shelby-licensed G.T.500CR Venom

Interest in classically styled muscle cars continues to flourish, though not everyone who lusts for the lines of a ’60s Detroit icon is tolerant of ’60s Detroit ride and handling characteristics, or the temperamental nature of a highly tweaked V-8 of the period. Enthusiasts today are largely spoiled by contemporary performance cars, leading many to […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1931 Ford Model A speedster

Anybody who’s tuned in to the vintage car rallying scene in recent years has surely seen a preponderance of Model T and Model A-based speedsters, and for good reason: With little bodywork to speak of, they make for great and inexpensive driving cars, especially for those people who like a little wind on their faces […]

Win this (model) car!

Those of you who enjoy Mini Muscle, Small Scales, and the model car reviews in Hemmings Classic Car have seen several reviews of cars from the model company Automodello, a relative newcomer to the model car scene that specializes in building high-quality 1/43rd-scale models of cars that aren’t typically considered worth the time of larger […]