Honor, Virtue, Character, Bravery

In the time period covered by this book, kids believed in heroes. So did lots of adults. The subjects of their adulation viewed their status in the world as a responsibility that had to be met every single day. This is the story of one such relationship between a Phoenix kid and a sensationally good […]

Quick and Less Dirty Undercoating Removal

The nastiest job I’ve had to tackle while reworking my Chevy pickup? Digging the old undercoating from the floorboards, the transfer case and the transmission. A lot of people go the heat-it-with-the-torch and scrape it route. I tried that initially, but the smoke and the burns (from the occasional piece of smoldering tar on the […]

Class of ’86 – Lamborghini Countach 5000QV

When considering all the cars of a particular model year that should be short-listed to become collectible, you simply can’t disregard the exotics. After all, any exotic car should be a shoo-in for collectible status, right? In that case, let’s turn to what is perhaps the most exotic of the 1986 exotics: the 1986 Lamborghini […]