Pulling big in Persia

Okay, let’s be honest, the leadership of Iran hasn’t exactly been buddy-buddy with the folks in Washington for quite a while now. Despite that, the Islamic Republic of Iran is home to more than 66 million folks and has a highly developed economy and transportation network. So big things get built there. This new book […]

Update: Tomica announces distribution channel

After all the speculation (and some excellent on-the-money guesses) we can now announce that Toys R Us will be the sole distributor of Tomica product in the USA. From the recent press release: Global toy industry stalwart TOMY Corporation today announced an exclusive first-year retail partnership with Toys”R”Us to introduce TOMICA, Japan’s number one die-cast […]

Perks of the job

Spent the morning recently with Scott White of Orient, Ohio, who has an incredible Terraplane pickup that I photographed. Scott also owns White Aero Ltd. and specializes in the restoration of fabric-bodied aircraft, especially Boeing-Stearman biplanes such as the above 1944 PT-13, built to both Army and Navy specs for World War II pilot training. […]