Steele Rubber announces new weather seals for GM cars

For every collector car owner who never drives his vehicle at the hint of rain, there’s another who’ll motor along fearlessly regardless of the summer climate conditions. One of the many common bonds between these two types of owners is the rubber weather seals that prevent everything from moisture to noise from entering the passenger […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1978 Ford Pinto

Many cars have made the transition from joke fodder to recognized collector car: the Model T, the Corvair, the Beetle. Some cars are still in transition, notably the Gremlin and Pacer. Some cars, like the Yugo, may never make the transition. So what about the Pinto? Will excellent examples such as this 1978 Ford Pinto […]

Found: John Bond’s Byers SR100 and a mystery Byers

As long as I’ve known Geoff Hacker, I’ve been amazed at both his dedication to fiberglass cars from the 1950s and his ability to sniff them out, as if his nose is finely tuned to the odors of half-century-old resin and fiberglass dust. From his trip to Southern California earlier this month, Geoff filed this […]