Class of ’86 – Oldsmobile Toronado

Image courtesy Looking back over the vehicles we’ve so far selected for the Class of 1986, we can pretty quickly come to a couple conclusions about the vehicles in showrooms that year. One, it was a year that saw great downsizing, thanks in part to the previous decade’s fuel crises and to the early […]

Giants Despair, 1959

Over at The Old Motor, contributor Ivan Pozega recently shared a couple photos of the Giants Despair hillclimb in Pennsylvania, circa 1959, showing a Lotus 11 and a pair of Elvas above and Roger Penske in a Porsche RSK below. See how many other cars you can identify. UPDATE: As reader Ron Mann pointed out […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1959 BMW Isetta 600

One of the cars that will debut with BMW’s recently announced i sub-brand will be a small, smart/iQ-sized urban runabout called the i3. While it will inevitably present a compact, eco-friendly footprint that will likely seat two adults and a midget or two, you can already find most of those attributes in this 1959 BMW […]