Keeping the Speedster engine cool

While we were waiting on the engine to come back, we sent out our radiator to be flushed and pressure checked. Because of environmental regulations regarding the chemicals used to acid-dip, a majority of radiator shops can only boil and flush brass radiators today, even the coil cleaner we used to use is taboo these […]

Automotive Alphabet – I

I searched high and low for a standalone I badge in the Hemmings photo archives and I haven’t yet Intercepted one, so I turned to the Internet, where I spied the above brochure photo featuring an I badge just above the grille. My Britcar (and Italcar) friends will surely identify the little blighter. If you […]

Your legs are the crumple zone; have a cigar

Everybody’s gotta start out somewhere. Martin Carl Fischer, born in 1866 and a native of Zürich, Switzerland, was already a trained and accomplished watchmaker when the automobile became less of a tinkerer’s delight and more of an actual conveyance. Yet as the size of the automobile quickly ballooned in the years following the turn of […]