Strange dune buggies and neo-classics in Old Town

Took a little vacation down Florida way the last several days – a get-outta-the-cold, get-some-sand-under-your-toes trip – and ran across a nice-sized cruise-in at Old Town in Kissimmee. Typical cruise night fare, for the most part – plenty of Chevrolets from the 1950s and 1960s, and plenty of For Sale signs – though I noticed […]

Mercifully Aged 1961 Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

Back in the salad days of the Nineties dot-com boom, we eked out a living painting sets for television and movies. Tasks included making many new things look old, which included building a ship set inside a restored WWII-vintage Liberty ship. Why? Glossy new stuff looks phony on film, because glossy new stuff does not […]

Goodbye, Billy

On Wednesday, March 16, the collector-car community lost one of its most colorful characters, Billy Thompson, of White Post Restorations. Billy was well known not only for the fine restorations that his company produced and the many thousands of brake cylinders that they rebuilt, but for his humor, honesty and willingness to do what it […]