HMX – What I have to show for the last six months

Yes, I’ve been a big slacker on Project HMX. I finished cleaning, painting and reassembling the rear axle, 10-inch drum brakes and AMX rear suspension, then rolled the whole unit to the side last October and got sidetracked with projects that didn’t involve freezing my cheeks off in an uninsulated garage (yeah, quityerbitchin, I know). […]

Welcome to the new Hemmings blog format

As you may have noticed by now, we’ve just given the heave-ho to our old blog look for a less restrictive (and somewhat more visually appealing) format that should make it easier to navigate around our 3,000-plus posts, as well as provide a glimpse of what else is happening in Hemmings Nation. Notice the tighter […]

Automotive Alphabet – A

While walking around Amelia Island, I noticed several stylized letters, such as the flying A above, and wondered if I could make an entire alphabet using only standalone automotive ornaments and emblems. I actually was able to gather about half a dozen at Amelia, and I think I may already have another half a dozen […]