Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 BMW M1

With just 450-some M1s produced, it’s not every day you see one come up for sale. When you do, it’s likely to be in similar cosmetic shape to this 1980 BMW M1 currently for sale on Hemmings.com. However, many of the M1s out there don’t show the 29,000 miles that this one does, which is […]

Egge Machine introduces Buick nailhead engine kits

Enthusiasts of American cars of the 1960s are often fortunate when it comes to finding replacement parts; the vast numbers of these cars and the long-term usage of many of their core parts lend to service ease even decades on. However, there are plenty of American classics that utilize assemblies and components that have long […]

Promoting plug-ins: $4,000,000 per car

It’d be nice if, when we all agreed there was a problem that we could also all agree on what to do about it. Like oil. We don’t know anyone who says that using a lot of Middle Eastern oil is good. But we don’t really know any two people who agree on a solution, […]