Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 Ford Durango

Were you one of the literally tens of people who cried when Ford discontinued the Ranchero? Did you have, or do you still have, an obsession over blending the DNA, Dr. Moreau style, of a Fox-body Mustang and an under-half-ton pickup? Do you have Four-Eyed Pride? Do you wanna be like Myron? Answering yes to […]

RIP, Joaquin Arnett

Though the Bean Bandits – originally known as the Cam Pounders – weren’t officially recognized by the SCTA as a participant club until 1949, one could be forgiven for believing the club to date back to pre-war times along with the Road Runners and Sidewinders after hearing the stories and the legends that surround the […]

The Cisco Kid was a friend of theirs

We were perusing www.philly.com, the website of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, when we came across a story about a Cadillac. Not just any Cadillac, either, but a 1980 Fleetwood Brougham sedan about to auctioned off in Wildwood, the real Ground Zero of the Jersey Shore. And a nearly perfect Cadillac that was owned […]