RM Auctions set for Hershey Fall Meet

As you read this, the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) is kicking off the 2010 running of its famed Eastern Fall Meet, perhaps better known simply as “Hershey” thanks to its traditional site on the grounds of Hershey Park in the Pennsylvania town known for its chocolate. As part of the adjunct happenings associated […]

Morgan Trike for the 21st Century

England’s Morgan Motor Company got its start 101 years ago, building three-wheeled cyclecars that were both frugal (they were taxed like motorcycles, but seated two in relative comfort) and sporting (they achieved trials and hillclimb successes, and were the foundation of the Morgan sports car legend). The introduction of the four-wheeled 4/4 in 1936 opened the […]