Vintage Cool: Hot Wheels’ Trans Am and Pro Stock models are the highlights of the 2011 Vintage Racing line

Photo courtesy Two of the more criminally under-represented categories in small-scale diecast have been vintage Trans-Am (which have only lately been tackled to any serious degree; the old Hot Wheels 100 percent Pony Power castings were nice, but didn’t have authentic liveries) and vintage Pro Stock. So weren’t we pleased to hear about Hot […]

Getting ready for the 2011 motorcycle Cannonball

Rumor has it there will be another Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run in 2011. We got the scoop straight from Frank Westfall of the Ner-A-Car museum in Syracuse, New York, who rode his 1914 Excelsior-Henderson in the event this year and completed more than 2,800 miles of the 3,300-mile trip. Next year’s format may be a […]

New York State of mind

Racing has been a big deal in the Empire State ever since a newspaper promoted a wacky New York-to-Paris stunt nearly 103 years ago that still exists as a benchmark of grueling early competition. The history that’s followed since then is revered. Each year, the Saratoga Automotive Museum sets aside the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend […]