An off-the-shelf thermonuclear-powered car, you say? Sign me up!

From coconv on the Hemmings Nation Flickr pool this week, an interesting piece of literature from Paul Lewis‘s Highway Aircraft Corporation of Sidney, Nebraska, the company behind the incredibly odd, but real, 1974 Fascination. Specifically, the document details Highway Aircraft’s sales plan, which seems to have been carefully tailored to avoid getting into any Preston […]

The Return of the Airplane at Saab?

Those following the new car scene at Switzerland’s Geneva Motor Show have surely seen the bold and controversial new Saab PhoeniX concept, created by Jason Castriota’s design team (see: “Looking Back, Moving Forward,” HS&EC #63, November 2010) to signal the new design direction of Sweden’s freshly independent automaker. One of the hallmarks of this concept is its […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – Joe Wilhelm’s Mark Mist GT

Aesthetically, Joe Wilhelm‘s Mark Mist GT is a tough car to swallow. Indeed, the modifications made to this 1936 Ford coupe may cause gastronomic distress for some of you out there. However, as an artifact of a bygone age (which, really, is what all collector cars eventually become, correct?) – specifically the wild show car […]