What is Old is New Again

Having spent a couple days in New York City attending the media preview of the New York International Auto Show,  we couldn’t help but notice that automakers’ heritage has become a great branding tool, even for cars that aren’t blatantly “retro”-styled – although those that are seem to get an extra helping.
In a repeat of the […]

The private’s car and the Mammoth Garage

When we presented the photo that Marianne DeAngelis of the New York Guard sent us of a mystery racing machine helmed by Private Lewis van Alstyne and his dog Viola, much of the speculation of the identity of the car circled around Fiat or, possibly, Thomas. Yet David Greenlees is very sure neither of those […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1935 Dodge

So the owner of this 1935 Dodge Model KC said he hasn’t had much luck finding any information or other photos of it. And indeed, most reference materials on mid-1930s Dodge delivery trucks depict the humpback-style trucks, straight panel trucks, or canopy deliveries. But Don Bunn, in his Crestline book on Dodge Trucks, did make […]