The Class of New England

The six states that comprise America’s most historic region are also unbelievably rich in auto racing lore, going right back to the dawn of the sport. The New England Antique Racers have recognized that for a long time, and just announced their 2011 Hall of Fame class. The guy in the Pinto-bodied Modified below is […]

Spinout slipup: What car stood in for the wet Cobra?

So while researching CSX 3012, the 1965 Cobra that Elvis Presley drove in his 1966 film, “Spinout,” I noticed that the Cobra’s stunt double for the in-the-water scenes had about as much resemblance to the star car as the stunt doubles in Spaceballs did to their respective actors. The guys on the Club Cobra forums […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – El Matador

It’s not often a chance to buy an authentic (that is, non-cloned) 1950s/1960s custom comes around, but that appears to be the case now, with Bill Cushenberry’s El Matador, a customized 1940 Ford, going up for auction in January in Fort Lauderdale. The auction description is so far a little light on details, but for […]