Six Degrees of Automotive Separation – Tucker

Frequent participants in the Hemmings Six Degrees of Automotive Separation Challenge will no doubt recall that Tucker featured into a previous challenge, when we prompted you to connect the short-lived automaker to DAF. This week, however, we’re running Tucker through the fox-and-hound type challenge to try to stretch our knowledge of just how interconnected Tucker […]

Monterey Preview: Russo and Steele

If you’re a fan of auction action, you’ll want to stop at Russo & Steele’s expanded Monterey event (from two to three nights); it runs from today through Saturday (August 12-14) at this location. This will be another stop for Dave and I while in town. As of this writing, the company has intentions of […]

Wagon Snippet: 1975 Le Mans Safari

If you were at Carlisle’s All-GM Nationals back on the weekend of June 25-27, then you might have had the opportunity to absorb this stunning 1975 Pontiac Le Mans Safari. Stunning because – as the owner claimed – that the car was in its original, unrestored state – complete and unabused.
The six-passenger edition, when new, […]