A Christmas wish

‘Twas the night before Christmas; I quietly lay, And listened for hoofbeats, And Santa Claus’ sleigh. Then without any warning The jolly old fellow Slipped in through my doorway, And chuckled, “Why hello!” “How happens it, Santa, I heard no sleigh bell? I asked very softly–the while the rest snored. He whispered, “Don’t tell– But […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1923 T-bucket

Like vanners, real T-bucket enthusiasts have kept the flame lit for their niche of the hot rodding world since the heady days of Grabowski. Unlike custom and sport vans from the Seventies, it seems T-buckets haven’t yet been considered for a revival in popularity among the hipsters, which means that now is the time to […]

Class of ’85 – Chevrolet Astro/GMC Safari

Image courtesy oldcarbrochures.com I can’t let the Class of 1985 go by without mention of my personal favorite vehicle from that year, the 1985 Chevrolet Astro and its twin, the GMC Safari. Full disclosure up front: My parents bought a 1985 Safari brand new – blue, poverty caps, and it had the Borg-Warner T-5 five-speed […]