A little bit of heat

If you like trucks, especially modeling them, then you’ve got to join a growing number of savvy people and acquaint yourself with Sylvan Scale Models of London, Ontario, Canada. We’ll focus on their HO assembly kits here, an increasingly popular scale for people who want to own lots of truck models.
Once completed, these kits bear […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1981 Wartburg

As if it weren’t simply enough that we have a 1981 Wartburg for sale on Hemmings.com, check out that ribbon tach on the dash! Check out the coil-on-plug ignition! Check out the whitewalls so fresh, they’re still blue! Check out the Lancia-esque headlamps with the body that looks like a later DAF, mixed with a […]

Vermont road trips: by Harley, by Model T

You know it’s summer in Vermont when the motorcycles start ripping by the Hemmings offices on their way to Lake George or Rhinebeck or Laconia or simply out for a ride. Looking through the photos of the Landscape Change Program at the University of Vermont, we see some things haven’t changed in 80-plus years.
We were […]