Driven to Collect at the Petersen Museum

Those who subscribe to our Hemmings Classic Car title can tell you that we pass along a lot of news regarding the newest museum displays from all corners of the lower 48 (and, on occasion, from Alaska). But every now and then, we run across something that is worthy of a little reminder, such as […]

Six Degrees of Automotive Separation – Armstrong-Siddeley

Unless you count the Peel, we haven’t had a proper British car for our Hemmings Six Degrees of Automotive Separation Challenge in months, which means we’ve been neglecting the linking talents of John Robins for too long. Let’s correct that, and let’s also take some inspiration from the excellent original 1946 Armstrong-Siddeley Hurricane drophead coupe […]

Lost and Found: Palin’s Rambler

With the release of MSNBC’s Sarah Palin retrospective, the world has one burning question: What happened to the Palin family’s 1967 Rambler? Finally, common ground for Jeep-loving Barack Obama and Rambler-posing Sarah Palin. United in a love of AMC products, our great national healing can finally begin. I propose a Kenosha Summit 2011. Palin will […]