Hemmings Find of the Day – 1966 Toyota FJ40

While it’s tough not to appreciate any FJ40, despite the extent of trail-preparedness thrown on top of it, it’s not every day you come across one that’s been restored back to stock, like this 1966 FJ40 for sale on Hemmings.com. Take those hubcaps, for example: I’m sure everybody in their quest for bigger tires to […]

From across the heavens …

Comes this. Well, actually, from across the parking lot at Fonda Speedway in New York, the historic dirt track, where I stumbled upon this a month ago. It’s a 1973 Mercury Comet, one of about 29,000 four-door sedans total. Fewer than half, including this one, had the 302-cu.in. V-8.
Even fewer had the Custom option we see […]

Automotive Alphabet – T

Gene Herman thankfully tossed over these two standalone Ts for today’s Automotive Alphabet, and though he told us what the badge topped, the photograph just teases it enough to turn this into a thinker.
Once you’ve solved that T, let us know what other standalone Ts you’ve found. And get ready for the next half-dozen letters, […]