Quick and Less Dirty Undercoating Removal

The nastiest job I’ve had to tackle while reworking my Chevy pickup? Digging the old undercoating from the floorboards, the transfer case and the transmission. A lot of people go the heat-it-with-the-torch and scrape it route. I tried that initially, but the smoke and the burns (from the occasional piece of smoldering tar on the […]

Project HMX – better bracket brouhaha

One thing that’s bothered me ever since I first built the stroker 4.6L engine for Project HMX was the serpentine belt routing. Recall that I got the engine out of a 1993 Jeep Cherokee and that I’ve decided to forgo air conditioning, along with any sort of mechanical fan. I’ve also installed a 1999-up Grand […]

Weepy over an old welder?

I have to admit to being sucked in by this Lincoln press release promoting the 50-year-old AC 225 welder and Lincoln’s request for pics of owners’ old machines. I paid $35 for my AC 225 used, and I’ve actually done some decent work with it. It’s two days older than dirt, but has no hours […]