UPDATE: More Buick motorhome pictures found

Two things surprised us when we ran the Buick motorhome photos that Wally Hirsch sent us recently: That we hadn’t seen photos of this totally unique land yacht anywhere before, and that nobody immediately chimed in with additional photos. After all, this is exactly the kind of beast that Internet hipsters love to bash and […]

Motorhome Mania – Caddy-shack

I thought that Packard camper conversion that we ran a couple weeks ago reminded me of something, and during a recent trip through my backlog of emails, I realized what it was. Randy Goodrich sent us these photos in the summer of 2008 when this Cadillac camper was for sale near him up in southern […]

Westward Ho the (Thunderbird) Wagons!

Complain all you want about the four-seater and even the four-door Thunderbirds and Ford losing its way with the icon of the 1950s, at least you never saw a Thunderbird station wagon come from the factory.
Sometime in the 1980s, during a deluge of rain, Steve Donohue made a pit stop on the Ohio Turnpike and […]