Ford’s Piquette: History Saved

We hear a lot of anger from readers about the neglect and loss of America’s automobile history. We share it, too: Things are being lost that can never be recovered. The Big Three have only ever been halfhearted, at best, about conserving their heritage. When they could have afforded to do something, they didn’t, and […]

Yakety Sax? Noooo….

While guys restoring a Model T won’t mind one bit that this Ford film showing how factory workers assembled the rolling chassis is entirely silent, the rest of us may like a little musical accompaniment. What sort of tunes would you suggest to g…

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1923 T-bucket

Like vanners, real T-bucket enthusiasts have kept the flame lit for their niche of the hot rodding world since the heady days of Grabowski. Unlike custom and sport vans from the Seventies, it seems T-buckets haven’t yet been considered for a revival in popularity among the hipsters, which means that now is the time to […]