Restoring a car you know nothing about

Most people have a pretty firm handle on the history of the car they’re restoring, if only the basics – make, model, year of manufacture. These three basic chunks of information define a car and give it a place in autodom. But our friend Geoff Hacker has spent the last few years restoring a car […]

$150K for an ’81 Corvette? Twice?

So you’re thinking: What’s the most worthless least expensive old Corvette I could possibly overpay for purchase at a premium price right now? I would’ve bet my Soloflex and my Flock of Seagulls Greatest Hits album (there’s one song on it) that it was the 1981 vintage. But as it turns out, popular pricing guides […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1952 Bogus Lotus

It might be a little late for this one, considering it’s going across the auction block today, but this 1952 Crosley-based “Bogus Lotus,” selling at the same auction as the 1956 Crosley-based H-Mod, looks like a fun ride. Can anybody answer me why many of these Crosley-based racers were switched to right-hand drive? From the […]